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Ancient Ring Cures Hangovers?

Did you hear the story about archaeologists who found a golden ring made with arah Emerald Cut Amethyst and Diamond Triple Band Ring 14k Yellow Goldamethyst? Researchers believe the ring was worn as a cure for hangovers! Early in November several news reports covered the story.

Here's what was reported: Archaeologists in Israel found a gold and purple amethyst ring near the site of one of the largest known wineries of the 7th Century Byzantine era. Some speculate the ring may have been worn by a person of high social status to help the overcome the effects of drinking wine.

No, the rings shown here are not even close to that same ring they found in Israel (we like ours a bit better).

It's no secret, many ancient societies treasured gemstones believing in influential and healing powers of various gems. Some gemstones are believed to hold physical or mental healing power, some offer social and relationship protections and others are believed to attract abundance or wealth.

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Gemstones eventually became known as birthstones because of the widely held beliefs that wearing the gemstone for your birth month would enhance it's metaphysical energy. (Who knew?)

You know the old phrase, “you are what you eat.”? Well, try this one out for fun “You are what you wear.” Even if you don't believe an Amethyst birthstone can cure a hangover, or other birthstone gems keep enemies away and (fingers crossed) even make you rich, what you wear will definitely make a difference in how you feel. When you wear high quality gemstone jewelry that reflects your personal taste, colors and style it helps you feel uplifted throughout the day. The extra compliments are, of course, a perk.

Your jewelry is a reflection of you. It feels so nice when you notice your ring on 1/6 CTW Diamond Halo Birthstone Ring 14k White Goldyour finger and think how amazing it looks. Sometimes you might subconsciously touch a necklace you’re wearing and instantly you’re reminded you love how it looks on you.

You deserve to have quality fine jewelry that reflects who you are. Of course, if the jewelry also happens to offer peace, abundance and a cure for too many holiday parties, so be it!

(Original Post 11/16/2021. Edited 02/01/2022)

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