Lab Created Diamond Information

Lab created diamonds are real diamonds. They share all the same characteristics with naturally occurring diamonds including same visual and chemical make-up. The only difference? They’re not mined. Instead, they are created inside rough crystals by scientists in a lab using either a chemical vapor or heat and pressure process in a controlled environment.

Lab created diamond have a certain appeal. For many customers, choosing a lab created diamond is preferred to have authentic diamonds at a fraction of the price. Lab created diamonds might cost anywhere from 15% to 30% less than a naturally mined diamond depending on their size and the grading quality.

For others, choosing a lab created diamond is an ethical decision. For people who are unsure about the ethical practices used in mining and distribution of diamonds, the lab created diamond is guaranteed to be conflict free and as a result becomes more attractive.  

Lab created diamonds provide an environmentally friendly option to customers who want to make purchases that minimize our impact on our earth and natural landscape.

When you choose a lab created diamond product you will find all the same grading references of natural diamonds, you might even find better diamond grading on lab created diamonds while still keeping your jewelry selection more affordable than the mined counterparts.

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