How Big Will My Birthstone Jewelry be When I Shop on Peach Lane?

You’ve been eyeing that piece of birthstone jewelry, you can imagine how it will look and how you’ll feel wearing it! You’ve definitely fallen in love but you’re not sure how big it will really be once you have it in your hands.

The measurements for jewelry are all in millimeter dimensions and you’re so used to inches sometimes it is just plain difficult to get your brain wrapped around those conversions to make sense of the jewelry dimensions. When you can’t visualize how big or small your birthstone jewelry will be, that makes it harder to decide if it is something you really want.

Sterling Silver .015 CTW Diamond Halo Birthstone Necklace

Maybe you want a tiny, delicate, minimal necklace. Maybe you just want a pair of subtle barely-there earrings or you might want to go big and bold with a large statement ring. No matter what you want you need a good understanding what size you expect to receive before you can be comfortable choosing what to buy online from Peach Lane.

Just to show you why that brain math can be tricky for starters, an inch is equal to 25.4mm. Well, you’re your necklace pendant is 7mm, hmmm, let’s think. OK, 7mm goes into 21mm 3 times so 7mm is around 1/3 of an inch. But what about the 4.4 millimeters left over? So, the birthstone pendant must be bigger than 1/3inch. But how big is 1/3 inch? How big will my birthstone pendant be, anyway? Um, that math is not easy!

To help you out, I am sharing some reference tools you can use to get a good idea how big your jewelry will be.

Let’s break it down a bit more in terms that are easier to understand. ¼ inch is 6.35mm and ½ inch comes up to 12.7mm. That’s a little more useful to benchmark how big your piece of jewelry will be when you shop for your favorite birthstone jewelry here at Peach Lane, but we’re still a bit away from a good clear picture.

How about some information you can really use? Someone on the internet Sterling Silver Diamond Halo Opal October Birthstone Ring on a Ruler showing Ring Sizesuggests penny thickness would be a millimeter but I found a penny to be slightly larger than 1mm and I don’t want you to be led astray. Here are a few other household examples I like to use for reference. Some are from my own exploration and simply measuring things… others are from medical reference sources. Either way, they give you good visual ideas of jewelry sizes.

Here are some great real life examples you can use to figure out how big your jewelry will be: 

1mm= Thickness of a Credit Card

2mm= Thickness of a nickel or the unused tip of a brand new crayon

5mm= Width of a pink pencil top eraser

10mm= Width of a pea

How’s that for information you can use? Is your pendant 7mm long? Now you Sterling Silver Diamond Halo Pendant Necklace with 8 Nickelscan stack 3 nickels on your credit card to see what that comes out to. Use your wallet, find some spare change and raid the crayon box to get a really good idea how big your jewelry will be! Oh yeah, and the simplest of all? A ruler! There are 10 millimeters in a centimeter.

You now have some easy tools to figure out how big your Peach Lane birthstone jewelry will be, if only you can decide which one you want!  


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