• 1- Choose Your Chain

    Choose from 13 different 14k Solid Gold chains. Ask about special charms and links to customize your piece.

  • 2- Expert Sizing

    We start with a quick measurement. I'll attach the chain and check for comfort and fit. We can adjust as much as needed until we get it just right.

  • 3- Welded Finish

    A quick zap with the spot welder. In just a flash your permanent jewelry is attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really forever?

14k gold and sterling silver is made to last! It will look great for years when taken care of. Wear it as long as you want, and keep your jewelry safe from tugs, pulls and heavy chemicals (chlorine and sulfur).

Permanent Jewelry can be removed at any time for any reason. Stop by Peach Lane during walk in hours or snip the connecting link to remove your jewelry. We can e-weld the bracelet at any time or add a clasp for a nominal charge.

What are your chains made of?

We use 14k solid gold chains and .925 sterling silver in our permanent jewelry selection. Both are durable enough for every day wear and are generally tolerated well for people who have have metal sensitivities.

Please note, white gold is rhodium plated to give it that bright white finish. Rhodium plating will wear off over time and subtle natural gold tone will appear.

Our brand promise is quality. Our chains are never plated or gold filled over other cheaper base metals.

Will my permanent bracelet tarnish or rust?

14k gold is made to last! It will look great without tarnishing for years. Sterling Silver will tarnish natrually. Wearing the jewelry helps keep it bright although it may still turn dark in the right conditions.

Both 14k Gold and Sterling Silver may turn dark when exposed to certain chemicals and due to skin chemistry in some individuals.

Protect your jewelry from chemicals including chlorine, sulfur, hair removal creams and more to keep it looking new for a long time.

Will I be able to wear this through airport security?

Light jewelry can be worn and will pass through airport security without issues. If you have several chains, they may ask to use a wand during screening.

What if I have to take it off for a medical scan or procedure?

Please check with your doctor and/or facility. 14k Gold and Sterling Silver Permanent Jewelry are not magnetic and some provders allow the jewelry to remain on during a procedure such as MRI or surgery.

If you need to remove your piece of jewelry for a medical procedure, stop by for removal during business hours or simply snip it at the jump ring and save the chain. Visit Peach Lane during walk in hours for a courtesy re-weld.

Does it hurt?

Not at all! The process is welding, but not the same industrial welding you might be thinking of. A special mini welder is used. A quick zap is all it takes to secure your permanent jewelry! It's fast, simple and pain free. We will provide goggles to protect your eyes from the light and use some extra skin protection during your weld to help you feel better.

How long does it take?

During your appointment it only takes about 20 minutes to measure and link your permanent jewelry. For home parties and pop up events, allow additional time before and after for equipment set up and clean up.

How do I book an appointment?

Booking is easy, just click here to go to our scheduling page. Our calendar is open 90 days out.

A small booking fee is collected when you schedule your appointment and will be applied to your purchase when you keep your appointment.

If you have to cancel, please let us know as early as possible and no later than 24 hrs in advance.

How much does a Permanent Bracelet cost?

Prices vary based on the chain type and style purchased. Sterlings silver bracelets start at $65/each and 14k gold bracelets start at $100/each.

Decorative charms and links are available. Ask about in-stock selections when you visit Peach Lane!

Do you fix or reattach permanent bracelets purchased elsewhere?

When gold and silver permanent bracelets are caught, broken, stretched need to be moved to the other wrist or even have to be removed for sports or procedures I can reattach them for you!

A foreign re-welding fee may apply per item and starts at $20.

What is your guarantee?

Permanent Jewelry is a custom order, once your chain is cut just for you, all sales are final.

Our weld is guaranteed to hold. If the welded link comes open we will re-weld the jewelry at no charge. Call to schedule a specific time during drop in hours at any location. You must have the original chain in order to receive the free re-weld.

Chains are naturally dainty. They can withstand normal every day wear, however may still break if caught or pulled on with excess force. This is for your safety. A chain broken due to force or pressure from a snag or pull is not covered under any guarantee.

In the event a chain breaks, Peach Lane will reattach the same chain, whenever possible.

I have another question not answered here

Permanent jewelry is pretty new and sometimes people do have more questions than we've covered here. Feel free and reach out. We're happy to help!

Call or Text: 720-459-9581

Email: info@peachlaneonline.com