Ethical and Social Responsibility

Peach Lane works with suppliers who engage in environmentally and socially conscious practices including recycling metals, participating in fair trade and ethical sourcing. We value partners who respect human rights throughout the supply chain and avoid environmentally destructive sourcing.

Our suppliers certify they conform to one or more of the following standards to protect people and the environment:

  • US Patriot Act- Because precious stones and metals have such a high value, dealers in practice of buying and selling of precious metals, precious stones and jewelry must comply with anti-money laundering practices
  • Responsible Jeweler Council (RJC)- Certifies our supplier meets a code of practice which respects human rights throughout the jewelry supply chain process for all diamond, gold and platinum materials through independent audits of supply chain practices
  • SCS Global Services Certificate- Ensures gold, silver, platinum and palladium content is 100% recycled and confirms ethical practices protecting human dignity and environmentally responsible practices are upheld. 
  • Kimberly Process- Compliance with the Kimberly Process confirms when rough diamonds are sold internationally they are sold with government validated certificate stating diamonds are conflict-free, transported between signatory countries in sealed tamper-proof containers and sold with a statement from the seller guaranteeing the diamonds are conflict-free

We have gone the extra mile to verify our suppliers meet these ethical qualifications. We do this to give you peace of mind knowing you are buying quality products from a business where both people and the environment are treated with respect and dignity.