I Regret my Decision. Find out Why.

I Regret my Decision. Find out Why.

We all make mistakes. It happens. I own a fine jewelry store and I still love a good bargain just like the next person! I found an adorable pair of .925 Sterling Silver Earrings online. I had to have them, so I bought them. They are truly amazing! I do really love them, they’re beautiful with aqua blue stones set on .925 sterling silver and I wear them often! This was the best bargain buy I’ve made in a very long time.

Wait, what? Isn’t this about regret? (I’m getting there). When I made my purchase; actually, the moment right after... I got one of those email deals. You know, the ones they entice you to “come back and shop for more at a very special price." The offer included to two pairs of CZ stud earrings in Rose Gold for less than $20! Yep. Two pairs of Sterling Silver Rose Gold CZ stud earrings for under $20. I thought it was the perfect deal!! I was actually thinking I would like to buy some rose gold basic stud earrings to wear in my extra piercing holes to go along with some rose gold necklaces I already own. So how could I turn this offer down? Um, I know what quality rose gold costs and the price was unbeatable! Do you know where this is going now?

Bargain Rose Gold Earrings

When my earrings arrived, of course I couldn’t wait to check them out and try them on. They looked so cute and exactly what I needed. I was so happy to have a simple and inexpensive pair of earrings in rose gold color. I couldn’t wait to wear them!  The next day I put the stud earrings in my 2nd and 3rd earring holes and went to the office. Within a few hours my ears were hurting. By early afternoon though, I couldn’t even wear the new rose gold stud earrings anymore. My ears were both red, hot & swollen. Oh. No.

Earring Hole that is red, swolen and scabby

That was at the beginning of December, now I’m writing this in April. Every few weeks my 3rd earring hole will still swell, split and become infected all over again. At this point, my only hope is this hole will eventually close up and finally heal. Maybe, just maybe I will re-pierce it but I can’t even consider that while this problem continues.

I went back and looked at the product description for these earrings. I saw very clearly they were sold as sterling silver, despite the rose gold color. In lower cost jewelry sometimes rose gold is plated over sterling silver or brass. I Iooked closely for a sterling silver stamp on these earrings and couldn't find one so they are not sterling silver as stated, probably brass in the middle. Considering the price and my experience, I can’t even begin to imagine what the rose gold colored coating might be.

I held on to these pieces so I could share them with this post for you. I’ve keptEarring Allergy and Oxidized Metal Jewelry turning blackthe two pairs sitting in plain view on my dresser all this time. At the time of this writing, I am shocked to report, in just four short months the rose gold color has tarnished from rose to gray just sitting on my dresser in plain view. This is certainly not plated in authentic rose gold. Real, quality rose gold would take nearly a lifetime develop an oxidized patina which darkens its appearance but it does not tarnish like this.

Earring Allergy

In the end, I’ve been reminded by this purchase that a deal too good to be true, probably is. I spent under $20 but wasted it on disposable jewelry. My lesson here is to pay closer attention and understand the materials used in any jewelry when making any purchase. I truly regret impulse buying budget jewelry and being lured by bargain pricing. I regret not knowing or questioning what materials were used in the coating of these earrings. I’ve been reminded by this purchase that a deal too good to be true, probably is. When I’m choosing jewelry for myself. I will only choose quality materials over throw away jewelry from now on.

My promise as a business owner is serving you by sourcing only high quality .925 Sterling Silver and 14k Gold jewelry products. You will not find cheaply plated products or bargain materials used anywhere in Peach Lane.

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