So, What’s the Deal with 925 Sterling Silver?

So, What’s the Deal with 925 Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is one of those metals that has become timeless. It’s been a popular material for jewelry for so many years now. The bright white look of silver is expected to continue to be fashionable for years and years to come.

A Little Bit About Sterling Silver

You might see a lot of information around promoting sterling silver. So many stores are promoting 925 sterling silver as the premier quality standard of sterling silver, and they’re right! The truth is, US standards require a silver piece of jewelry to be at least 92.5% silver in order to carry the sterling silver label. Basically, all sterling silver is 925 and 925 is sterling silver. They are two labels which mean the same thing.  

All true sterling silver jewelry will be stamped with a sterling silver designation. Most pieces will see 925 stamped in the material. Occasionally you will find SS,Sterling Silver 925 Stamp on October Birthstone RingSTG, or STER stamped in the jewelry for authenticity. This stamping is the best indicator that your piece is truly sterling silver. When you’re shopping for sterling silver jewelry be sure you can find the stamp to guarantee the quality of silver you are getting. If you can’t find that stamp, shop elsewhere for your sterling silver jewelry.

Sterling Silver Alloys

Silver by nature is relatively soft, as metal goes, so it's blended with other materials to improve its strength and durability. Alloys often mixed with silver may include zinc, copper or nickel. That being said, sterling silver is generally considered to be hypoallergenic, although nickel may be present in some sterling silver alloys.

At Peach Lane, we guarantee our sterling silver jewelry meets the required sterling silver designation and all our Sterling silver pieces carry the approved industry stamps and markings. We also seek out sterling silver pieces with an additional layer of rhodium plating to improve the wear-ability of sterling silver for those who are sensitive to nickel.

Caring for Sterling Silver

Caring for your Sterling Silver jewelry is simple. The easiest thing is to wipe it with a soft cloth to clean any smudges and skin oils that may dull the surface. If the jewelry needs a deeper cleaning, a gentle toothbrush with water and bar soap should be just enough. Use caution to clean set gemstones according to their own care instructions. Sterling silver may tarnish over time. If that happens a simple silver polishing cloth will clean it right up.

Rhodium plating will wear off under normal conditions. Many jewelers can re-plate rhodium on jewelry as needed.   

If you have any questions about the jewelry pieces you’re shopping for in our store, just drop us a message! We’re happy to help!

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