Valentines Gift Guide 2022

Valentines Gift Guide 2022

So, you’re trying to decide what to get that special woman in your life (Wife, Fiancé or Girlfriend) for Valentine’s Day? Gift giving can be tricky business. If you’ve had trouble finding the right gift it’s completely understandable.

We’re flooded with so much information and suggestions telling us the best gifts to give. In the end, there is nothing worse than offering up a cheap thoughtless something because you couldn’t think of the right something and just grabbed what you could. Those kinds of gifts are sure to backfire. Then there are the usual backups, the chocolates, the roses and the cards. What message are you sending if you give lingerie? Does that tell her you’re passionate about her, or that she’s objectified? I’m conflicted on lingerie. What about perfume?

As I sit and write this, just know I write from a place where my love language is not gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy gifts. It’s still truly the farthest thing from my mind. If someone asks, “What would you like?” I literally draw a blank. I really don’t know what would be meaningful enough to ask for. What I’ve learned though is I want a gift that is thoughtful. Your love will appreciate the same, I assure you. Please don’t buy that cheap cotton candy fragrance mist and lotion with a loofah on the store shelves. Don’t buy aloe socks. Give her something that shows her she is cared for and something she would never buy for herself.

Here are a few of gift giving total fails:

  • Poor fitting pajamas or lingerie- I got a gift box of pajamas and they were not a style I appreciated nor a comfortable fabric material. I never wore them.
  • Coasters- I am a major music lover and got some coasters with humorous “misunderstood lyrics” involving foul language. That is not the vibe I want for my décor and does not go on display at my house. This gift left my home as quickly as it came in.
  • Stuffed Animal- Really? I’m grown, my kids are grown. What do I need that for?
  • Chocolate- This is a worn-out gift idea and it’s a worse gift for someone concerned with managing their health. Please, please, please if you must buy chocolate at least steer clear of the cheap-o drugstore varieties. They taste like wax.
  • Bargain jewelry- Cheap and thoughtless will be evident when this jewelry rusts or turns her finger green. Don’t skimp-out on jewelry.
  • The last bunch of flowers from the grocery store- the ones with wilted stems and brown petals. Sorry, not a good impression!
  • Love Coupons- Get real, just skip this all together. These are truly lame. Don’t put that special person in a situation where she literally has to ask you to love her with a coupon.
  • Visa or Department Store Gift Card- Sorry I didn’t have time to think of something nice and meaningful for you. Here. Go shop for yourself. Nope.

Some of the best gifts I’ve personally received, have been a total surprise. They’ve been meaningful in different ways at different times in my life. Personally I found they’ve usually something that will help me with a problem, or something elevating although I would never indulge in for myself. They’re almost always something I will use often in my every-day routine. I’ll share a few that have left a meaningful imprint on me here. Feel free and borrow, mix/match and find your best gift.

  •  A quality brand purse or cross-body bag- Get familiar with her taste, style and most loved colors before you buy so she doesn’t have to exchange or return. For example, I like small minimalist purses, and I like mine to sling over my shoulder. Maybe your special someone loves big hobo bags to fit everything just in case, maybe she likes cross-body for security or maybe she dreams of a little wristlet for quick errands!
  • Massage or Couples Massage. If she’s super busy and under a lot of stress, self-care time might be at a premium rate right now. Schedule it for your date night! Hire the babysitter, if you need to. This way she won’t have to ‘find time’ to fit it in.
  • Fine Jewelry- It’s timeless, it really is! The idea of fine jewelry is based on being valuable, appreciated and treasured. This year’s most popular fine jewelry gift-giving trend is wearing initial jewelry! Symbolic jewelry like infinity symbols and the “&” symbol are on-trend as well. While strong in popularity, they stand the test of time and have a universal place in everyday fashion.
  • Photo Gifts- I love having a collection of pictures from my favorite adventures and favorite people. Many photo collage gifts can be found online so you can upload your images and customize your gift to your sweetheart. For a low-budget (or low on time) thoughtful idea, you can print up a few photos fast and find some simple frames at a local department store for your gift-giving win!
  • Essential Oil Diffuser- These are popular gifts this year! Essential Oil diffusers let your special person know you care about how she feels. Essential oils inspire mood benefits and are used to energize, calm and even heal. A great gift to consider.

I hope the thoughts, opinions and ideas here have sparked some ideas for your own gift-giving this year. To see a few love-themed gifts for 2022, check out our newest Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Collection. If you think your sweetheart would prefer classic styles, shop our stunning jewelry from her birthstone collection or even shop for a diamond initial pendant necklace .

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