What is permanent jewelry? It might not be what you think.

Jewelry trends can vary widely from year to year and can be determined by a number of factors such as celebrity style, fashion trends and even cultural influences. Some trends that have been popular in recent years and that's especially true for permanent jewelry. 

One of the most sought after jewelry styles in the US right now. I checked the Google search trend for permanent jewelry on 12/30/2022 and found the search demand for permanent jewelry increased drastically in 2022. When we're talking about permanent jewelry being a hot jewelry trend we are talking about permanent jewelry being 2400% more interest last year HOT. 

What is it? 

First, let me tell you what it's NOT. It's not body piercing. It's not invasive. It's not scary or dangerous when done 1. properly by a professional 2. with quality equipment and 3. with quality materials. 

Permanent Jewelry is jewelry made without a clasp and worn around the clock. Some people call it infinity jewelry since it is basically linked to itself, or forever bracelets since you never take them off. 

Permanent Jewelry is perfect when you want a simple, everyday go-to style! Since these special chains can be worn all the time without worrying about taking them off, not even to shower or sleep it makes getting ready in the morning or settling in at night infinitely more easy since you don't have to do anything with these pieces. 

Wear one, for a dainty and simple style or wear several in a stack. All permanent jewelry chains mix and match easily with other pieces so it's easy to add other favorite pieces from your jewelry box to change up your look!

How to style it

Choose where you want it. Bracelets are the number 1 best seller in permanent jewelry with necklaces coming in second and anklets third. Belly chains have grown in popularity in the past two months too. Wear one, for a dainty and simple style or wear several in a stack. All permanent jewelry chains mix and match easily with other pieces so it's easy to switch up your style!

Minimalist designs: Simple, dainty understated bracelets and necklaces, bracelets made of 14k gold are most popular for high quality and long lasting style. 

Stackable bracelets: Layering multiple bracelet styles and even colors on the same arm has been a trend in recent years.

Statement pieces: Bold, eye-catching bracelets with diamond and gemstone links or charms have also been popular additions to those everyday pieces.

Personalization: Customized pieces with initials or meaningful charms are proving to be a popular trend in permanent jewelry. 

Responsible Jewelry:
With gold being so valuable and costly to mine, you'll find when you purchase gold it is most often made from reclaimed and recycled gold scraps and materials making it a sustainable and environmentally ethical choice for quality permanent jewelry.

Permanent Jewelry is the making its way to the mainstream. Do you have yours yet? 
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