I don't see the gem quality listed on a piece of jewelry. How do I know what kind of quality I will receive? 

All gemstones are selected for each piece based on how they look in each individual piece regardless of quality rating. Most often gems are grade AA unless otherwise indicated in the product description.  

Are Lab-Created Gemstones Real Gemstones?

Unlike natural gemstones which are mined, Lab Created Gemstones are created in a lab where the same chemical and physical properties are created in a controlled environment. Lab Created Stones are chemically and physically identical to those found in nature. Lab Created Gemstones, however, do not have the same inclusions or unique imperfections as natural gemstones, since they are not exposed to the same environmental experience during their creation. Lab Created Gemstones are considered real gemstones, while there is less impact to the environment from mining and are much more affordable in price. 

What is an Imitation Gemstone?

An imitation gemstone is a lab created gem which is colored to look like the gemstone it is intended to replicate but does not possess the same chemical or physical properties as its natural and lab created counterparts. Peach Lane does not sell Imitation Gemstones.