Jewelry Care Plans

When you own fine jewelry you want peace of mind. Fine jewelry sometimes requires maintenance to keep it looking like new. For example, White Gold and Sterling Silver may need to be re-plated with Rhodium over time. Sometimes prongs become loose, gemstones can be lost or broken if jewelry gets caught or suffers accidental impact.

Feel free to take your jewelry to your preferred jeweler for any jewelry services such as prong inspections, cleanings, re-plating and gemstone care! 

If you don't already have a preferred jeweler to take care of your precious jewelry or simply want the convenience of taking care of your jewelry with a quality affordable pre-paid jewelry plan we have partnered with Jewelers Mutual to offer two jewelry care options for you to choose from! 

Care Plans are not insurance, they are not required with your purchase. These optional plans are here to provide you with exceptional care and regular maintenance of your jewelry.

Purchase your Jeweler's Mutual Care Plans

Common items covered under care plans include 1. Ring Sizing 2. Rhodium re-dipping or Re-plating for White Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry 3. Repair bent or broken prongs 4. Replacement of cracked, chipped or damaged gemstones including center stones.

Care plans are serviced by Jeweler's Mutual.