Ring Size Measuring Tips

Tips to keep in mind when measuring your finger:

  • Measure multiple times throughout the day to get a good read. Your finger size may change as your body changes. Some people find their fingers are a little larger in the morning, or evening. Everyone is a little different.
  • Diet and alcohol can affect your ring size. Salt, sugar and alcohol can cause you to retain water and your fingers may measure a little bit bigger. If you want a ring to wear to parties, keep that in mind.
  • Body temperature will impact ring size. When it’s hot out and your warm you ring size may increase slightly. When you’re cold, your fingers will be a bit smaller.
  • Make sure your ring will slide over your knuckle comfortable to put on and remove your ring. You may need to increase your ring by a half size to pass easily over their knuckle. Keeping in mind wider bands have less wiggle room when passing over the knuckle than a slimmer band you can tilt or shimmy over the contours of your knuckle. When in doubt, size up a half size especially when choosing a ring with a larger band.
  • The same finger on your right hand may be a different size than the same finger on your left hand. Usually, your dominant hand is slightly larger.

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